Southwest Horizon’s Community Engagement: Welcome to the Discover Step

Dear Families and Friends,

We recently invited our community to share their thoughts about what we’re doing well and where we can improve. We then invited our community to review and prioritize them by placing stars next to the ideas of most importance. Our goal is to get a sense of shared values and priorities within our schools and across the Southwest Horizon community. This feedback is vital to our school improvement planning and the renewal of our district’s Strategic Plan.

The division-wide results are rich with hundreds of thoughts and thousands of stars, including some sample highlights here.


  • Teachers go the extra mile
  • Welcoming staff and a friendly environment
  • Emails from teachers regarding events and tests
  • Communication
  • Small class size

Opportunities for Improvement

  • Limited course options in the smaller schools
  • Lack of respect shown by students
  • Bullying
  • Infrastructure and building issues
  • Help all students when needed

You can also view the results for each individual school to get a sense for the shared values and priorities at a local level.

If you’re one of the many parents, staff, students and community members who accepted the invitation to join the conversation, thank you for your time and thoughtful participation.

Thank you!

Carolyn Cory,

Community Engagement Process

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Participation Stats

Stakeholders:       614
Thoughts:            1447
Stars:                 21,173